About Aura Semi-Precious Products

AURA Semi Precious Stone Jewelry for the Home Presenting “Pre-Fabricated / Cut to Size” Aura Semi Precious Countertops

Why is Aura Unique?
  - Clients pay for actual material used only - 5 s.q. f.t. minimum only.AuraPreciousUnique
  - Our price includes fabrication & delivery compared to our competition where clients have to pay for the full slab, fabrication & delivery.
  - We provide 60-100% savings compared to our competition.

Aura Semi-Precious Stone Full Service Program:
  - Unique “Cut To Size” program.
  - Custom creation of top based upon the project specification.
  - Project price is calculated by s.q. f.t. You pay for what you buy… no wastage.
  - We offer assistance with the following:
     - Design
     - Selection
     - Lazer measurement
     - Fabrication and installation

  - Any vertical or horizontal indoor surface countertops
  - Kitchen, Bar Tops, Vanity Tops, Table Tops, Desk Tops, Fireplace Surrounds
  - Vertical & Horizontal Table
  - Coffee Table, Dinning Table, Conference Room Table Decoration Accent Pieces
  - Vertical wall cladding in bathrooms, Reception areas in Offices, Flooring
  - Foyer Application Unique Pieces
  - Bathroom Accessory Sets, Sinks, Tiles

AuraPreciousBarVerticalCladding  AuraPreciousFireSurround 
 AuraPreciousFullService AuraPreciousKitchen 
 AuraPreciousVanityCladding  AuraPreciousBarLighting1
 AuraPreciousBarLighting2 AuraPreciousBarLighting3 


Price Range:
  - 2 cm : $399/sf (Includes Lazer Measure, Material, Fabrication & Installation)
  - 3 cm : $499/sf (Includes Lazer Measure, Material, Fabrication & Installation)
  - 1 cm with Laminated edge of 2 cm: $499/sf (Includes Lazer Measure, Material, Fabrication & Installation)
  - Edge : Standard - Eased, ¼” Bullnose , ½” Bullnose , Full Bullnose, ¼” Bevel , ½” Bevel
  - Lamination - Stacked Lamination
  - We require 4-6 weeks lead time for manufacturing and delivering this product
  - Semi Precious Stone is non porous and non permeable. Does not require sealing

Care & Maintenance:
  - Despite its unique and delicate look, Aura Semi Precious Stone has a MOH hardness level of 6.
  - Aura Semi Precious Stone is extremely sturdy and is highly scratch resistant, stain resistant and heat resistant.
  - Please use PH neutral or green products for cleaning the surface.
  - Do not use any cleaning products with bleach, ammonia or acid as it will dull the surface.