Black Granite Countertops

Among the different minerals used for countertops during remodeling and renovations, granite is one of the most popular and sought after. Majority of the customers …

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Types of Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are one of the popular choices for home remodeling and in commercial establishments. They are the top pick because of their timeless beauty …

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Types of Countertop Edge

Most clients are engrossed from choosing the best material, design, color, and veining for their countertops. They tend to forget other important details to ensure …

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Best Granite Countertop Edges

After choosing the best granite color and design for your countertop, the next thing to consider is its edging treatment. Indeed, design and material influence …

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Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Options

Choosing the best material for this project can be quite tricky considering you will be carried away by the designs and color of the minerals. …

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Natural Stone Countertops – Care and Maintenance

The natural stone countertops in your home and commercial buildings both function as a beautiful furniture and investment to increase its overall value. You can …

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