Countertop Removal and Disposal

Countertop Inspection

We are professionals. As such, we do not perform a job without carefully studying what the job entails and what needs to be done.

Carrying out the removal of old countertops without prior inspection is ludicrous – especially if you plan to salvage and recycle it. Precision Stone Design knows that and is committed to ensuring your needs. That is why we make sure to carry out the necessary inspection and investigation to ensure that proper care is placed when removing countertops. It saves your countertops, and other essential elements in your kitchen, as well.

Countertop Removal

We are professionals – we cannot stress this enough. And as professionals, we make sure to take proper care of your countertop, and your kitchen, prior to, during, and after its removal.

Before we proceed with removing your old kitchen countertop, we make the necessary preparations to ensure little to no damage is done to everything else (but there’s always insurance if we do commit a boo-boo). That means the removal of all obstructions from the area, the disconnection of all utilities, and the removal of just about anything that might make this job more difficult to carry out. This is also where we ask you what kind of condition you want your countertop to be after removal so we can act accordingly.

The way we handle removing countertops will, of course, depend on the type of countertop you have. This is why we do inspections in the first place. This is to identify the technique we need to use when removing countertops. For instance, removing granite countertops entail a variety of special techniques for the removal of adhesives used due to its heavy nature while removing Formica countertops will only require half as much as it is lighter and, thus, easier to remove.

Countertop Disposal

We’ve already removed it for you, why don’t we dispose of it for you, as well?

There are three ways in which we can dispose of the debris from the removal of your countertops. This will, of course, depend on the condition of the salvaged material during its removal, which will also depend on what you want (because we want you to be happy). These methods of disposal include:

  • Recycling – we remove countertops with utmost care so we can ensure that your old countertops are still in good shape and can still be used for other projects in the future.
  • Donation – we will handle the delivery of your old kitchen countertop to the charity of your choice should you choose to donate it.
  • Landfill disposal – the last option for materials that are unsalvageable. We will handle the collection and transport of debris to the landfill.

Your decision on the condition you want your countertop to be in during the removal stage will highly affect how it can be disposed of. If the countertop is still in tip-top shape, the material can be recycled and used for future projects. You can also choose to donate it to those in need and feel good about your decision to help the less-fortunate. Or we can clear out the debris for you. You decide.

Service of the Highest Quality

Precision Stone Design is committed to serving you. We only employ the best people so we can provide you with the best service of the highest quality in the land. We work with our clients every step of the way to make sure each request is accomplished according to the client’s specifications. Above all, we treat each project like our jobs depend on it (it kind of does, actually).

Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen? Do you want to replace that old kitchen countertop? In need of repairs? Call us now and get a free estimate. Our people are more than happy to receive your calls and accommodate your requests.

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