Our Team

Gina Saran is the chief rainmaker, bringing in clients with impressive regularity. She is a visionary by nature, bringing her dreams to fruition by working hard. These are excellent qualities in a born entrepreneur, and Gina has them in spades. Aside from being the resident passionista, Gina has a veritable addiction to tea. She has her favorites, but anything that comes in a teapot is a source of interest to her. While she does not read tea leaves to bring in clients, drinking it does give her the energy to do so.

Jessica Lopez

Customer Service

Jessica is usually the first person with which clients make contact. This is fortunate as she treats each inquiry as a personal quest to provide assistance and information. She is the Customer Service Representatives and a passionate social media user, taking delight in engaging people in conversation on various platforms. Jessica has a knack for making everybody feel good, earning herself the nickname “Sunshine Queen.” Her specialty is in customer relations, but she lends a hand whenever she can, whether it is to fixing printers or hammering in a loose floorboard.

Tom Trierwheiler

Key Account Manager

Tom is the Key Account Manager, and is seldom seen without a coffee mug in hand even as he discusses projects with clients. He is a good listener, taking in all the requirements and concerns of clients before giving advice and making proposals. He firmly believes there is a solution to any problem, and makes every effort to find one for all his clients.

In his free time, Tom loves to go camping. He takes advantage of the many hills and forests in Illinois whenever he can—still with a mug of coffee in hand.

Vish Saran

CAD Programmer

Vish helps clients as the CAD Programmer by creating 3D rendering of designs to help them visualize the final look of their project. He is very resourceful in making the best use of the available space, especially in the kitchen. As a budding cook, he has a special interest in creating innovative layouts for the kitchen. Vish is also adventurous, living his life to the fullest. One of his passions is cars, and he spends every free minute he has in tinkering with his car, or visiting car shows.

Aatur Patel


Aatur is not your typical accountant. While he is definitely a whiz with numbers with an impressively logical brain, he is definitely not the stereotypical pallid, eyeglass-pushing nerd. When not in the office crunching numbers, Aatur heads off to one of the many excellent beaches in Illinois to worship the sun and maybe some beach volleyball. He also has a passion for sports, avidly following his favorite professional teams in baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and soccer.

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