Best Granite Countertop Edges

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After choosing the best granite color and design for your countertop, the next thing to consider is its edging treatment. Indeed, design and material influence much of the aesthetics and beauty of countertops. However, the type of edge affects the safety, appearance, and functionality of your granite countertops.

Here, we are going to showcase the best edging treatment suitable for your granite countertops. In choosing which is the best, entails consideration between practicality and aesthetics for your kitchen and bathroom renovations.

Keep reading to find out more. Let’s start.

Square Edge Countertop

If you want to keep it simple but elegant, a square edge granite countertop is a good choice. This edging treatment gives your countertop a streamlined modern look. The edges are not sharply straight for safety purposes, thus, it has kerfs or flat edges.

This edge style is versatile and space-saving which is good for those with smaller kitchen areas. Likewise, you can elevate your aesthetics by having a beautiful backsplash and stylish faucets.

Eased Edge Countertop

This is a safer variation from the square edge style because the edges are smoothed out to decrease sharpness while not being too round like a bullnose. We still keep the 90-degree edge but with a softer and safer texture for the customer.

It is easy to clean and manage while you have a sleek contemporary design for the modern kitchen.

Beveled Edge Countertop

This one is a huge upgrade for design compared to the previous two options mentioned above. It gives your granite countertop a flashy look with its mirror-like edge cut in a 45-degree downward angle. Aside from beauty, wiping spills is easy and it cannot flow at the bottom of your cabinetry due to its edge design.

DoubleBevel Countertop

If a single beveled edge adds gloss to your granite countertop, how much more for a double beveled edge? For this style, the top and bottom section of your edge is cut at a 45-degree angle slope. Light from any directions is reflected more with two mirror-like surfaces on your granite countertop.

Half-Bullnose Countertop

This edge design elevates the warmth and homey feeling of your granite countertop. Likewise, it gives more emphasis on the thickness of your granite which is attractive to people. The veinings and combination of mineral grains are enhanced with this style as well. 

Moreover, it will not allow spills to drip down your cabinetry because the bottom section is flat and straight.

Bullnose Countertop

In contrast, if you want your granite countertop to appear thinner, then a full bullnose edge style is suitable. The round and smooth curves both on top and bottom create an illusion to make it seem thinner. This design is one of the timeless and popular edging treatments for granite countertops.

The main setback of this design is allowing spills to follow the curve and drip over your cabinetry instead of falling directly to the floor.

Pencil Edge Countertop

Considering this style will not translate to a pencil-looking countertop. Your granite countertop will have an angled edge which slightly curves upon reaching the vertical face of your countertop. This type also makes cleaning easier while preserving a modern look. Both the top and bottom portion of the edge will have the pencil edge design.

Ogee Countertop

Meanwhile, if you are a fan of the Classical or Victorian Era, then an ogee edge style is best for your granite countertop. The S-shape edge of your countertop is similar to the medieval architectural beauty many years ago.

You can find sophistication and warmth from the combination of straight and curved edges of the ogee. Likewise, it is good for a formal and modern office look.

Waterfall Countertop

This edging treatment will enhance the beauty of the natural veinings and grains of your granite countertop. For natural stones like granite, seams are noticeable for smaller dimension counters, so we recommend this style to create a seamless continuous flow down to the floor.

This edge style makes your granite countertop the focal point of the area. The stone becomes a beautiful art piece rather than just being a countertop. Likewise, it gives a more solid appearance for your cabinetry.

Wrap Up

Those are the best edge styles for granite countertops but you can do some experiments if you like. You can combine two edging treatment and see how good it might be for your home remodeling. Nevertheless, always bear in mind that the more intricate the edge style is, the higher maintenance level is required.

If you want less maintenance and hassle, then go for the simple and practical edging treatments. If you want professional help your choosing and implementing the suitable edge of your granite countertop, you can call us anytime.

Our team has a diverse experience when it comes to edging treatments of granite and other stone countertops. We offer free quotes if you like so you can see things. For your comments and inquiries, just write that down in the comments section.

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