How to Care for Soapstone Countertops

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Installing soapstone countertop is one of the best choices you can have for sprucing up your kitchen redo. Besides developing a classic-patina appearance over time, it has excellent resistance against heat and stains. Likewise, its durability is good for preventing scratch and dent marks.

However, to continually enjoy the timeless beauty of the best soapstone countertops, you need to know how to properly maintain it. In that case, you can read our care and maintenance tips below.

1. Basic Features of Soapstone

It is a natural stone, similar to granite and marble with variations in durability and anti-stain properties. Soapstone’s durability is not at par with granite but better than marble. It is still great because it does not crack or chip, rather dent marks will appear.

Unlike marble, your affordable soapstone countertops have greater resistance against chemicals and acidic spills. Moreover, it is innately non-porous compared to granite and marble.

Compared to quartz countertops, soapstone has a better resistance against heat. Quartz tends to get dark burnt spots when hot items are placed over its surface. Likewise, soapstone can fairly function as your outdoor countertop.

Further, black soapstone countertops are a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom remodeling. White is still in, but to achieve a dramatic feel in your kitchen, you can never be wrong from installing black soapstone countertops.

2. Get that Rich Patina Look – Mineral Oil Application

One of the most attractive features of soapstone countertops is its rich dark patina which completely changes the aesthetics of your kitchen and bathroom. To achieve this successfully, you need to evenly apply its surface with mineral oil every week.

Consistency and patience is a virtue to get this stunning classic appearance in your soapstone countertops.

3. Avoid Dents and Scratches – Use Chopping Boards

Manufactured soapstone countertops are more forgiving when it comes to hardness, the main reason why you need to use chopping boards when using a knife or sharp objects. They can get easily scratched or dented and we do not want that because it will reduce its aesthetics.

Nevertheless, when dents or scratches are inevitable you can easily remove them by light sanding. If you have trouble fixing it, you can readily call our professional technicians for assistance.

4. Simple Cleaning Requirements – Soap and Water

Because of the innate non-porous feature of soapstone, you have lesser worries of cleaning it. You can simply use neutral soap solution, water, and soft microfiber in wiping off stains, debris, and water-ring marks on the surface.

5. Amazing Heat Resistance

Aside from its rich patina appearance, you would also fall in love with the excellent heat resistance of soapstone. This trait is very useful in your kitchen were you sometimes readily place hot pans and objects in your kitchen countertops.

By installing soapstone countertops, you have lesser worries about burnt spots and stains in your kitchen countertops. Just make sure to use wooden boards when cutting spices and other ingredients for your menu.

Affordable Soapstone Countertops

We at Precision Stone Designs offer wide collections of manufactured soapstone countertops and other stone countertops for home remodeling. Simply contact us so we can gauge your requirements and craft a way to materialize it.

Our highly trained and licensed technicians will provide assistance in fabricating and installing soapstone countertops in your home.

If you need a free quote, call us today.

Book an appointment with us or check us on Facebook anytime.

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