Major Benefits of Granite Countertops

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Why do you think a lot of homeowners are running after granite countertops when it comes to remodeling? There are plenty of other materials for your kitchen and bathroom countertops, but local granite countertops is on the top rank due to its marvelous beauty and reliable strength.

Today, we are featuring the prime benefits of this igneous rock as to why a large chunk of the market is capturing their attention.

Quick Lift of Curb Appeal

Do you like a contemporary sleek theme or a classic and rustic one? Either of these two themes, the best granite countertops can seamlessly go its way to match your desired aesthetics on your home remodeling.

This is something most homeowners would go after because granite itself, is highly versatile for all sorts of looks. It comes in various patterns, color specks, and veining thickness which provides excellent flexibility.

The random and natural patterns and color combination of cheap granite countertops create a natural art piece for your space. This one attribute is already a great selling feature of granite stones.

Increased Return on Investments

Similar to other materials, granite countertops are available in different qualities with their respective price tags. No matter what type you get, all granite slabs contribute a significant increase in the total monetary value of your home.

But there’s a catch, you have to make sure that the type and design of granite countertop you install will match with the overall design of your home. It must have good cohesiveness with other existing colors and materials inside your kitchen and bathroom.

Remarkable Strength

This igneous rock has proven toughness against scratch, cuts, and dents. When inevitable chips happen, it is still easier to repair granite slabs compared with other engineered stones.

The proven strength of granite becomes a good asset for your granite kitchen countertops. Nevertheless, we still remind our clients to use wooden boards when using knives on their kitchen counters.

Less Hassle with Cleaning

Cleaning your kitchen and bathroom vanity tops will be the least of your concern with tons of other pressing matters to attend to. This dilemma will be light on your part when you choose to install granite kitchen countertops.

Its surface is easy to clean, you can simply use a soft towel and neutral dishwashing soap solution. There are also plenty of granite cleaners sold in the market that you can try on. Overall, you will have less headache with the cleaning requirements of granite stones.

Top-Notch Heat Tolerance

Granite is an igneous rock, so it is made from extreme heat and pressure. This literally means granite stone has an impervious resistance against hot items like your frying pans. This comes pretty useful for your hot kitchen area, but you must still be careful because hot objects might destroy the sealant coating of your granite stone.


We hope to have given you sufficient information regarding the benefits you can enjoy from installing high-quality or cheap granite countertops. If you wish to find the best granite stone for your kitchen and bathroom countertops, don’t hesitate to contact us Precision Stone Design.

We provide a premier class of stone countertops in the market. Simply email or give us a call for inquiries or free quotes. Visit our showroom or check us on Yelp

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