Marble Countertops: A Guide to Choosing & Maintaining White Marble

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When it comes to kitchen and bathroom remodeling, white marble countertops is one of the top choices among home remodelers. It may require high maintenance and care, but for those who truly understand the beauty and downside of this marble and stone, they would still love it.

Custom marble countertop is not for everyone, unless you are ready to embrace some of its vulnerabilities to savor its timeless elegance and beauty. To find out more, read through the whole article on how to choose the best marble countertop and the proper care it deserves.

Basically, what is Marble?

Marble and stone is a metamorphic rock which is quarried in the mountains of Europe, North and South America, and Asia. Most types of marble stones have a porous surface which makes it prone to staining.

Its general composition is calcium or magnesium carbonate which naturally reacts with any acidic solutions like vinegar and lemon juice. The main reason why you need to avoid these liquids in your white marble countertop to avoid etching.

Color Variety of Marble Countertops

This natural stone typically comes in an array of colors which include green, yellow, black, pink, gray, and white marble stones. Among these hues, white marble countertops have the highest demand because of its versatility to fit in traditional and modern remodeling themes.

In terms of brands, the popular choice include Statuario, Carrara, and Calacatta. Nevertheless, Nussbaum, Colorado Yule, and Vermont Danby are great choices as well for their durability and elegant appearance.

Each Marble Slab is Unique

When you grab one slab of marble and cut it into two, you would notice that they are not identical in any ways. This trait makes marble and stone very unique and exquisite which strongly attracts clients.

Veining Patterns of Marble

Unlike granite, the veining patterns of marble and stone is bolder so if you will use it on a smaller surface area, seams are likely to be seen. However, these bold veinings creates a stunning work of art in your countertop surface. Likewise, color consistency is high for marble stone countertops.

Nonetheless, you would fall in love with the stark white beauty of white marble countertops in your small kitchen and bathroom space. It creates a cool modern ambiance with an illusion of a wider space.

Options for Marble Finish

Your choice for your finish of your marble countertops depends on aesthetics and practicality. Inline, you have three main options for your marble finishes.

Glossy or Polished

This marble finish is suitable both for indoor and outdoor countertops. With that mirror-like surface, you are able to enjoy the rich bold veinings and specks of colors in your custom marble countertop. Likewise, it increases the anti-stain properties of your marble stone.

The main setback for this finish is the visibility of stretch marks because it will be emphasized against its smooth and polished surface. On the bright side, you get to use less lighting for a polished surface because it reflects light from a single source. This type greatly enhances the modern and vibrant air in your room.

Matte or Honed

Meanwhile, getting a matte finish is the complete opposite of the first choice. This finish allows to cover any etch or scratch marks on your marble countertop. However, it leaves a higher porous surface which increases the chance of staining. Overall, you get a satin-like texture for this type of marble finish.


This finish is typically used for dark-colored marble stones. It is like adding a leather-like surface on your honed finish so that smudges from palms and fingers will be invisible. This finish increases the anti-stain properties of your custom marble countertops.

Sealing Maintenance of Marble

Your best marble countertops are naturally porous which makes them prone to stains and molds. If you like to enjoy the timeless beauty of marble minus its vulnerabilities, then you can go for cultured marble countertops.

Nevertheless, for those who love natural marble stones, you need to perform sealing maintenance. For this purpose, you have two options, that is, applying topical or penetrating sealants.

Penetrating Sealants

This method provides better enhancement on the anti-stain properties of your porous marble stones. It deeply sinks and blocks the pores of your marble stones. However, applying this sealer does not totally guarantee resistance against acidic solutions but does well on preventing stains.

Topical Sealants

This type is applied on the surface of your marble countertops and increases resistance against acidic spills. However, it can slightly alter the appearance of your marble stone countertop. Moreover, the sealant film will naturally wear out through time and can be damaged when hot items are placed over your marble countertop.

Care and Cleaning Tips for Custom Marble Countertops

Your white marble countertops and all its other types requires the best care and cleaning maintenance to preserve it luxurious beauty through time. Here are some of the practical tips you can follow for keeping the condition of your kitchen and marble bathroom countertops.

  • Never use abrasive pads or scrubbers when cleaning for it will result to etch and scratch marks.
  • Immediately wipe off spills from your marble countertop to avoid staining
  • Avoid using acidic solutions for removing stains and disinfecting your countertop
  • For cleaning, only use neutral dish soap solution and sponge or soft microfiber in wiping the surface
  • Always use hot pads when placing hot items on top of your marble countertop
  • Use chopping boards when using knife in your kitchen marble countertops
  • Observe periodic sealing maintenance for your best marble countertops

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