Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Options

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Choosing the best material for this project can be quite tricky considering you will be carried away by the designs and color of the minerals. However, you must never forget those aesthetics is your second priority and what matters most is the durability of the mineral.

Moisture, sunlight, rain, dust, and bird poops are just some of the common environmental factors to hasten the wear process of your outdoor kitchen countertop. This lucrative project can cost you a lot for one-time spending so you need to choose carefully. Here, we are going to discuss each trait of the popular countertop materials in home remodeling.


This mineral has proven its timeless classic look that can uplift any existing home designs. The natural veinings, color tone, and crystal-like flecks constitute its priceless beauty and elegance. The main setback of this mineral is the price which costs around $125 to $200 per square foot for the high-quality slabs.

You can never be disappointed with its durability, in the Mohs Hardness Scale, it is between 6 to 8 scale. It has great resistance against heat, scratch, dents, and stains. To keep its good non-porous and anti-stain features, you need to have an annual sealing maintenance for it.


  • Crystal-like flecks and veinings for timeless elegance
  • Versatile application
  • Exceptional hardness and resistance to heat, dents, and scratches
  • Stain-proof


  • Price
  • Annual sealing requirements


This is the greatest rival of granite in the industry of home remodeling. Also a top choice for most households in indoor countertops, but we have a slight conflict for this material can react when exposed to sunlight. They tend to discolor when sunlight heats its surface. If you plan on pursuing quartz, you need to find some anti-UV coating or install some shade outdoors to reduce sunlight exposure.

Nevertheless, this mineral has exceptional hardness and non-porous feature on par with granite. Its hardness is seven in the Mohs scale and does not require annual sealing process like granite. There are plenty of color and design options for this mineral considering it is man-made.

Its average running price in the market is between $75 to $150 per square foot, but the price can fluctuate depending on the location of the supplier and quality of slab.


  • Exceptional hardness and non-porous trait
  • Several options for design and color
  • Versatile application
  • Outstanding beauty comparable to granite


  • Reacts with sunlight
  • Expensive price


The beauty of this mineral is comparable to granite with more color and veining options. The typical colors of marble include gray, white, black, blue, and green. You may have the impression it has good hardness but it is softer than granite. In the Mohs scale, its hardness range between 3 to 5.

For outdoor countertops, you better get the honed finish instead of the smooth polished finish. Why? Because this mineral is prone to wear due to weather conditions, the honed finish helps mask those small etch and marks.

Similar to granite, this material is porous so you need to seal it properly to have good anti-stain capabilities. The cheapest price you can have for marble is around $40 per square foot but the average running price is $60. If you want the high-quality slabs, its possible cost is around $75 to $250 per square foot.


  • Ageless beauty with its natural veinings and color
  • Innate glossy appearance
  • More affordable than quartz
  • Not sensitive to sunlight


  • Prone to scratches and dents
  • Price is slightly expensive and increases depending on the brand


If you want an affordable alternative material from those mentioned above, this mineral is the right choice. If you are a lover of a patina-look, soapstone will provide you with the natural patina formation over time. It is not as tough as quartz and granite, but it is harder than marble depending on its talc content.

The typical color options of soapstone are green, gray, black, white, and bluish gray. It has excellent resistance to heat and stain. No worries about scratches and dents as you can easily remove it by gradually sanding the area.

To achieve that rich dark appearance, you need to periodically oil the surface of this countertop. Likewise, no need for sealing maintenance as it is innately non-porous. Average running price of soapstone is between $54 to $84 per square foot. Nevertheless, the price still depends on the quality of the slab you are getting for the project.


  • Excellent heat and stain resistance
  • Scratch and dents can be easily sanded out
  • Low cleaning and maintenance requirements
  • More affordable option
  • Natural patina-appearance over time


  • Re-oiling to keep a rich dark color and develop a patina
  • Price of the high-quality slab can be similar to granite
  • Seams are visible for slabs longer than six foot

Added Resale Value to Your Home

Doing this project requires a substantial amount of money, but there is always a return or increase in resale value for your home. The added value depends on the material, amenities, and appliances you have in your outdoor kitchen.

The average added value of your outdoor kitchen and countertops is around 100% to 200%. This is the main reason why most agents would recommend having an outdoor kitchen installed in your home for resale.

Why Outdoor Kitchen Countertops is a Good Investment?

  • The real estate market today is on the uptrend of selling properties at a higher price for those with extravagant outdoor kitchen. You have a higher chance of selling your property if you have a beautiful outdoor kitchen and countertops.
  • About 49 percent of the general population has installed an outdoor kitchen countertop in their home already. Meanwhile, 25 percent of the general population plans on installing one as well to increase resale value and for additional aesthetics.
  • It is a smart way of increasing the size of your kitchen without building another solid extension beside your home which would cost more.
  • It helps you save a lot in renting and buying food from restaurants for special gatherings with friends, families, and colleagues.
  • It is a cost-efficient way to spice up your daily cooking and dining experience.

Outdoor Countertop Finish Options

Aside from choosing the right material, you can also start considering what type of finish suits best for your planned outdoor kitchen countertop. Typically, we have three types of surface finish for countertops – honed, polished, and flamed.


To achieve this finish, the surface is ground until it becomes flat and has a matte texture. Minerals with natural gloss such as marble and granite losses their glossy effect when honed. You cannot expect a mirror-like surface from your countertop with a honed finish.


This is the complete opposite of the first type. A countertop with a polished finish has a mirror-like or reflective effect on its surface. The main purpose of this type is to make the existing color and design of the countertop more vibrant and smooth.


The expected outcome of this type is a rough-textured surface which is ideal for outdoor and areas prone to dampness and moisture. For instance, flamed granite is great for outdoor kitchen countertops and areas with high moisture content.

Wrap Up

Choosing the right material is challenging for outdoor kitchen countertops. Durability and resistance to outside conditions must be your priority. Your second priority is design and aesthetics that complements the existing design of your home.

If you have any questions regarding outdoor countertops, feel free to contact us anytime. We also supply an array of high-quality stone countertops for any of your home renovation requirements. We can customize the size, dimensions, finish, and design of your slab depending on your preference.

Moreover, we also have the most affordable service cost for professional installers in the market. If you hate the hassle of DIY, then call us for the project.

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