Pros And Cons Of Different Kitchen Countertop Materials

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When doing home remodeling, one of the highlighted areas is the kitchen. Renovating your kitchen is a daunting task, particularly when choosing the best kitchen countertop to match its design and layout. Moreover, there are different types of kitchen countertops to choose from in the market.

To make the process of choosing kitchen countertops smoother, you need to know the benefits and setbacks of each material. We will cover popular kitchen countertops which can be an excellent choice for your kitchen remodeling.



  • Stunning Natural Beauty – The natural veining and colors of granite makes it a lucrative material for your unique kitchen countertops. Its veinings naturally shifts from thin to thicker lines. Likewise, color combination is great with the presence of variety of specks.
  • Durability – Granite has excellent resistance against scratches, dents, and cuts. It is impervious to the harsh conditions in your kitchen.
  • Heat resistance – Unlike quartz, granite does not get burnt when hot pans are placed on top without any heat pads.
  • Added Resale Value – Undoubtedly, this natural stone kitchen countertops increases the overall resale value of your home equal to its value.


  • Limited Designs – Unlike man-made stones, you can see limited variations from the color and veinings of granite kitchen countertops.
  • Sealing Maintenance – Granite is innately porous, so you need to have annual sealing maintenance to keep its antibacterial properties.
  • Price – This popular kitchen countertop comes at a higher price compared to laminates. The average price of granite countertops is $40 – $60 per square foot.



  • Excellent Antibacterial and Anti-Stain Properties – It is innately non-porous so no bacteria, molds, and moisture can seep down its pores. Likewise, it does not require any sealing maintenance.
  • Design Options – Because it is man-made, they can do several customization with its color and veining to match your preference.
  • Impervious Strength – Similar to granite, its structure is able to effectively resist dents, chips, and scratches. Its quartz contents and cement resin binders contribute to its impeccable strength.
  • Low Cleaning Requirements – Because of its non-porous traits and strength, it requires simple ways of cleaning.


  • Low Heat Resistance – Its surface darkens when hot items are placed on top.
  • Requires Professional Installer – Quartz are heavy, so you need an experienced installer for it.



  • Aesthetics – Marble has that innate glossy elegance with various veinings and specks of different colors around its surface.
  • Heat Resistance – It has a good resistance against heat, unlike quartz which darkens upon contact.
  • Distinct Slabs – Almost all marble slabs have different designs and colors which makes them unique and captivating.


  • It is quite pricey compared to affordable materials like laminates.
  • Prone to Staining because of its porous structure
  • It has low hardness because of its soft mineral content



  • Natural Patina – Soapstone’s trademark is its milky warm design which naturally develops its patina through time with regular oiling.
  • It has impeccable resistance against heat like hot pans.
  • Innately non-porous which contributes to its antimicrobial and anti-stain properties
  • Easy to clean and can last for a lifetime


  • Limited variations in designs and colors
  • Can be scratched but buffing its surface can resolve the problem

Wood or Butcher Block


  • It brings out natural warmth in your kitchen
  • Price is almost half for most natural and synthetic stone kitchen countertops
  • It can fairly compliment with other kitchen materials and countertops
  • It has good heat resistance


  • It requires high maintenance such as regular oiling to keep it polished at all times.
  • Less resistance against chips and scratches
  • The excellent wood material for kitchen countertops like maple, mahogany, and red oak comes at a hefty price.
  • It is also prone to staining



  • It offers plenty of affordable options for those on a tight budget
  • It has great imitations of the designs of natural and man-made stone countertops
  • It is easy to install on your own
  • No more worries about sealing maintenance with laminates


  • It has lesser durability compared to natural and man-made stone countertops
  • Heat resistance is low as well
  • It does not add up to the overall resale value of your home



  • You can customize its color and texture
  • Highly durable against scratches and cuts
  • Excellent resistance against heat
  • Can be installed on a DIY basis
  • Price for concrete kitchen countertops is flexible depending on the level of customization


  • Proper sealing must be ensured or else moisture, bacteria, and molds can get it and hasten its wearing process
  • It can crack with huge force applied but repairable
  • It can be stained

Solid Surface


  • It is durable for kitchen countertops
  • Surface is smooth
  • It does not create visible seams when integrated with backsplash and sink countertops
  • There are plenty of designs and colors available
  • It is versatile to mimic the beauty of marble and concrete


  • It is not heat resistant
  • Low resistance against stains and spills
  • Can still be scratched or dented

Stainless Steel


  • It has great strength against dents, chips, and cuts
  • Highly resistant to stains, spills, and hot objects
  • Low cleaning and maintenance requirements


  • Smudges are visible
  • Can still be scratched
  • Noisy and hefty price



  • Tons of options for colors, designs, and shapes
  • Stain and mold proof
  • Good heat resistance
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Prone to cracks and breaking
  • Smudges will be visible


Choosing kitchen countertops is never a walk in the park. You need to be practical on important factors such as functionality, design, price, and compatibility with your kitchen layout. So far, the top kitchen countertops in the market is granite, quartz, marble, and soapstone.

Some of these materials can be a good outdoor kitchen countertop as well, like soapstone and granite. For us, the critical features you need to look into include durability, resistance to heat, light, stain, and bacteria.

Nevertheless, also consider the level of cleaning and maintenance needed to keep the optimal condition of your kitchen countertops.

If you need any professional help in choosing the right material for your kitchen countertops, call us anytime. We have been in this industry for a while and never disappointed a single client.

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