Reasons Why Marble Countertops Are The Best

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It is common for most homeowners to look for a gorgeous stone countertop to match the design of their renovated kitchen and bathroom space. For centuries, custom marble countertops have been one of the best choices for this scenario. Its pristine look and value truly appraise through time accompanied with sufficient care and maintenance.

To know further, let us uncover some of the common reasons and benefits from homeowners for choosing the best marble countertops in the market.

1. Pristine and Unique Appearance 

No single slab of marble and stone will completely have an identical design, color, and pattern. This makes your best marble countertops precious and expensive. For all marble slabs, its veinings are larger and bolder with great consistency with color. Eventually, this exhibits a dramatic aura when you have marble bathroom countertops or cultured marble countertops.

However, seams are visible when you use marble and stone for smaller surface areas because of its bolder veinings and consistent color combinations. Nevertheless, white marble countertops can truly provide a sleek, bright, and larger impression for smaller kitchen and bathroom areas.

2. Natural Good Heat Tolerance

For your hot kitchen area, cultured marble countertops are the right choice. It has reinforced strength to resist cuts and etching. Likewise, it can tolerate hot objects placed on top, unlike quartz which readily darkens.

Because of its excellent heat resistance, marble and stone are also used in fireplaces. Even cheap marble countertops exhibit the same level of heat resistance with the best marble countertops. Nevertheless, to preserve its beauty, we still recommend using hot pads when placing hot objects on marble kitchen countertops.

3. Requires Sealing Maintenance – Boosting Stain Proof Properties

Marble and stone are naturally porous which contributes to its low resistance against stains. Fret not, as this can be quickly remedied by performing annual sealing maintenance to your marble countertops. This greatly boosts its anti-stain and antimicrobial properties.

4. Go for Honed Custom Marble Countertops

Marble slabs have naturally glossy surfaces which add to its natural elegance. However, the main setback of a polished custom marble countertop is the visibility of etch marks. To resolve this concern, you can go for a honed finish for your marble bathroom countertops.

A honed marble and stone offer parallel beauty with a polished one, minus the worries of seeing etch markings. If you have other concerns, feel free to contact our stone specialists at Precision Stone Design.

5. Low Tolerance Against Acidic Substances

There is timeless beauty for marble vanity countertops, but you must be careful of not spilling acidic solutions over its surface. Marble and stone have compounds which readily reacts with acidic liquids that lead to etching. The sealant film adds extra protection yet it can degrade through constant exposure to acidic liquids.

If you want to get rid of this hassle, you can go for cultured marble countertops. It is still made from crushed marble minerals with polymer resin binders mixed in the production. You get the same beauty with better hardness and resistance against stains, acidic cleaners, and bacteria.

6. Appraises Resale Value

Similar to quartz and granite, custom marble countertops 100% increase the overall resale value of your home. If you are planning to resell your home after three to five years, then installing the best marble countertops to match your home design is a smart choice.

To get the best results, you can freely contact and call our hotline to talk to one of our professional designers and stone specialists.

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