Now Offering Natural Stone Countertop Protection Upgrade with Laticrete Maximum Stain Protection Sealer.

25 year Residential Warranty of Stain Protection from common Household Food & Beverage. Covers Material & Labor. Please ask you sales associate for pricing.


The STONETECH® BulletProof® Sealer offers your natural stone project an invisible layer of powerful protection.

  • Repels common household stains, including coffee, red wine, ketchup, mustard, cooking oil, soy sauce, and common household food and beverages.
  • Maximum protection against the toughest oil and water based stains with our advanced penetrating microbond protection. Also makes the stone easier to clean.

25 Years Residential

15 Years Commercial

1 Year Outdoor Warranty
On Select Granite


  • STONETECH® BulletProof® Sealer is the highest performing product of its kind. Created specifically to preserve the beauty of natural stone.
  • Created specifically to preserve the beauty of natural stone.
In addition to protecting your countertops against stains, STONETECH BulletProof Sealer is water based, helping you keep the environment— and your environment—free of solvent-based chemicals.


The beauty of natural stone with true peace of mind. STONETECH® BulletProof® Sealer protects your natural stone countertop investments


STONETECH® has one of the industry’s best warranties.

  • 25-year, fully transferable residential countertop warranty
  • 15-year commercial and industrial countertop warranty
  • Guarantees stain protection from common household food and beverages; however, etching and watermarks are not covered
  • Covers granite, marble, quartzite and basalt options for countertops
  • Covers replacement labor and materials
  • 1-year outdoor countertop warranty on select granite options
  • Warranty transfers with the title of the property; no limitations

The STONETECH BulletProof Sealer is installed by certified professionals, giving you absolute peace of mind.


Protect the beauty of your natural stone project for years to come with the STONETECH® Countertop Warranty.
Our fully trained, certified professional will properly apply STONETECH BulletProof® Sealer to your countertops.

STONETECH BulletProof Sealer was engineered specifically for natural stone and represents a new standard in stain protection.

It is a water-based solution that leaves your home free of solventbased chemicals— helping the environment.

The STONETECH Countertop Warranty Program provides your natural stone project with natural protection from common household stains.


By Protect Plus Surfaces™
Protect Plus Surfaces LLC (“PPS”) warrants to you that your natural stone countertops that have been treated with STONETECH BulletProof® sealer by an authorized applicator prior to or at the time of installation of the product (a “Covered Product”) will be resistant to stains caused by common food and beverages for the warranty period described below (the “Warranty Period”). Your warranty is subject to the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions described below.

The length of your warranty will vary depending on your use of the Covered Product. The Warranty Period for a Countertop Product that is used exclusively for indoor use in a personal residence is 25 years from the date of installation. The Warranty Period will be 15 years from the date of installation if the Covered Countertop Product is installed inside a building that is used, for any period of time, for industrial or commercial uses. The Warranty Period will be one year from the date of installation if the Covered Product is used outside of an enclosed building. Your warranty is fully transferable to any new owner of the property in which the Covered Product is installed.

You may not assert a claim until you have paid in full for the Covered Product. You must complete the registration of your Covered Product within sixty days after the completion of installation. Your registration will provide proof of purchase and establish the date of installation. Use the following link for registration: You can make a claim by contacting us by e-mail at; phone at 1-877-817-9874; or mail at the following addresses: Protect Plus Surfaces, 420 3rd Avenue NW, Hickory, NC 28601. If you are not the original owner of the Covered Product, you must provide proof that the warranty has been transferred to you.

You must make the Covered Product available to us for our inspection. If we conclude that you have a claim that is covered by this warranty (a “Covered Claim”), we may offer to provide you with a Cleaning Care Kit and telephone support in using the Cleaning Care Kit. In many cases, the proper use of a Cleaning Care Kit can resolve the problem. If we conclude that a Covered Claim cannot be resolved through the use of the Cleaning Care Kit, we will send a field service representative to your facility to attempt to remove the stain through normal cleaning techniques, such as steam or poultice. You must make the Covered Product available to our field service representative for the cleaning attempts. If the field service representative is unable to remove the stain, we will provide replacement natural stone for the damaged portion of the Covered Product and cover all reasonable labor costs for fabrication and installation to replace the damaged portion of the Covered Product. Reasonable costs will be determined at the discretion of Protect Plus Surfaces™. We will not cover the costs of plumbing, electrical work, or repair or replacement of backsplash product (unless cut from same material). You can choose the same color replacement stone at the closest distributing stone center. If the color of your Covered Product is no longer available, you may choose from a supplied list of similarly priced stone. Since natural stone varies in color and texture, we cannot guarantee that replacement stone will be an exact match to either the portion of your Covered Product that is being replaced or the remaining undamaged portions of your Covered Product. Replacement products will be covered only for the remainder of the initial Warranty Period.

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