Types of Granite Countertops

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Granite countertops are one of the popular choices for home remodeling and in commercial establishments. They are the top pick because of their timeless beauty and impervious strength against heat and scratches.

Today, let us know more of the variety of granite in the market, their colors and a brief description of them. This idea will give us a more solid decision on what type of granite best suits our preference for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

What is Granite

Granite is technically intrusive igneous rocks characterized with small flecks of various minerals with a few veinings. Intrusive igneous means they are cooled beneath the earth’s crust and when they came out, they were solid already. The very reason why they have larger crystal structures because the cooling process is gradual.

Mineral Components of Granite and Their Colors

The molten rocks, the origin of granite, is a mixture of various minerals with specific colors. On average, the mineral composition of granite are as follows – 5-15% micas, 20-60% quartz, and 10-65% feldspar. The mixture of these minerals gives granite its rich color and texture.

Below are the different mineral components of granite and their colors

  • Amphibole – black or dark green
  • Muscovite – metallic gold or yellow
  • Biotite – dark brown or black
  • Potassium Feldspar – salmon pink
  • Feldspar – off-white
  • Quartz – creamy white

Types of Granite Countertop Colors

Naturally, granites’ color range from black, white, gray, red, green, blue, brown, and yellowish-brown, and gold. However, the ones popular in the market are white, black-brown, gold, and gray granite.

Below are further discussions and some examples for each type and color of granite countertops.

White Granite Countertops

Unlike quartz, white granites are not smooth and plain white for they contain veins of other colors and some parts of a darker tone. For this type, it mainly consists of white feldspar and creamy white quartz. Looking at its design and color, you would seem how artistic nature is. Likewise, you would also see small flecks of black or dark green veins.

Examples of this type include the following – Juprana Delicatus Granite, River White, Moon White, Ivory Fantasy, and Bianco Antico Granite. 

This type resembles the classic and ageless beauty of granite. It can fit both antique and contemporary design of homes and business buildings. The added veins and color impurities of this stone make it precious and elegant for interior designs.

Bianco Antico Granite

This is a top choice if you are looking for a strong and classic atmosphere. The natural mixture of red and brown flecks and spots provides a mesmerizing look. Its overall appearance is a soft white-ish gray color with spots of pink and brown.

Moon White Granite

This one has a finer grain of mixed colors with some swirling around the surface. Typical color combinations you can see are gray, ivory, silver, and flecks of black tone. The overall combination of color and fine grain gives that sleek modern ambiance.

River White Granite

This granite comes from India. Its main white background is flourished with spots of red and veins of a dark gray color. There is also a harmonious combination of gray, blue, and off-white flecks on its surface. Overall, it provides a more vibrant white appearance on your kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Black Granite Countertops

The origin of this type is similar to basal, gabbro, diabase, and norite. The major mineral components of this type are pyroxene and plagioclase. It provides an excellent and outstanding contrast with other light colors in your kitchen and bathroom. It exhibits solid contrasting appearance for home remodeling.

Black granites with flecks and sparkles of white, yellow, and blue seem to be like a dark sky with stars in the night. It can perfectly give you a classic or modern atmosphere for your home or offices.

Uba Uba Granite

This type comes from Brazil. Compared to other types, this one has plenty of spec of gray, gold, and green running randomly on its black background. Consequently, this contributes to the shimmering appearance of Uba Uba granite. It seems to represent the universe with tons of stars glowing in the deep dark skies.

Black Pearl Granite

This type has more depth and smooth tone with less specs and flecks around the surface. If you want an all-around, rich, deep black tone, this granite is the right choice to have. The typical specs you see on this is silver, green, gray, gold, and brown. For a solid black appearance, you can have this one.

Black Galaxy Granite

This type has a better representation of what galaxy looks like. Its rich black background is filled with very fine grains of gold and white specks. Some slabs in the market have larger grains of these specks if you want one. The overall impact of this granite is dramatic and classic. You can pair it with beige or light brown wall to give that classic look.

Brown and Gold Granite Countertops

For those looking for a more earthy tone, this type of granite best suits your preference. The smooth combination of brown and gold colors gives you a wide option to play around with remodeling projects.

Common examples of this type include New Venetian Gold, Tan Brown, and Baltic Brown.

If you want the earthy feel of wood but want something more durable, then having a brown granite is the best solution. If you have dark wood furniture, then it would best compliment with tan brown granite. Meanwhile, for lighter wood furniture, a rich dark brown granite would best serve as best contrast.

The combination of gold and brown tone will give you that amazing rustic appearance on your kitchen and bathroom renovations. The overall atmosphere of this type is earthy, warm, and rustic.

Tan Brown Granite

Are your wooden cabinets and furniture dark brown? The best contrast for this is a tan brown granite. The overall color of this type is rich and slightly dark brown tone with an almost uniform combination with black, burnt orange, and red specks. This and your wooden cabinets will exhibit that cosy and homey atmosphere.

New Venetian Gold Granite

For a luxurious look with the warmth of sunshine, this granite can suffice that need. You can see the natural flow of gold and beige around the surface creating that warm earthy feeling to complement your white or creamy white walls. There are also light streaks of gray, brown, and red all over the surface.

Baltic Brown Granite

The trademark of this type is its “irregular” fracture of black and gray specks that come in larger grains. Its background is brown but the natural and variable specks of black and gray all over its surface are breathless. It perfectly complements with black appliances and wooden cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom.

Gray Granite Countertops

Similar to white and black, gray granite countertops exhibits full elegance and depth that fits both classic and contemporary designs. Its background is mostly gray with several fine grains of black, gold, and silver specks around the surface.

This type is mostly used to elevate modern looks for the interiors of homes and offices. Similar to brown and gold, it also provides a warm and homey ambiance to ease daily stress from work.

Steel Gray Granite

This type has a deeper and richer dark gray tone which originates from India. Similar to black granite, steel gray granite countertops provide a mysterious and contemporary ambiance for home and office remodeling. It comes with larger spots of light gray and flecks of darker gray veins.

New Caledonia Granite

This gray granite countertop has more lucrative looks with interchanging shades of dark and light gray tone. You can also see streaks of black randomly around the surface. In contrast to steel gray, this type has a more uniform size and movement of specks and grains all over the surface.

For a vibrant and modern appearance, this one can be your top choice. Best fit for the modern interior design of the home and commercial establishments.

Wrap Up

Different types and colors of granite countertops have their respective ambiance and look to contribute to your home and office renovations. It is wise to know first what you want to have in your remodeling project, before finding the right material for it.

You can do this lucrative project on your own but for less hassle and more accurate work, you can call us for the project. We have an array of granite countertops you can choose from and we can customize the dimension and edge.

We can provide you with free quotes for your project and materials by calling our hotline today. We always want what is best for our clients to achieve that luxurious look at the most cost-efficient manner.

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