What Are The Best Materials For Bathroom Vanity Countertops

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Aside from renovating your kitchen, homeowners would also go for remodeling their bathroom space. Consequently, for any bathroom remodeling, choosing the best material for your bathroom countertops will never be a walk in the park.

There are plenty of factors you need to consider when shopping for the best material for your custom bathroom countertops. Some of the common factors considered include budget, durability, aesthetics, cleaning, maintenance, and increase in resale value.

To make your quest easier, we have done the market research for the best options types of bathroom countertops for your remodeling projects.

Best Materials for Your Custom Bathroom Countertops

We have a team of researchers and stone specialists that conducted this research for the benefits and setbacks of each material for your bathroom vanities with tops.

1. Granite Bathroom Countertops

This is one of the best natural stones for best-made bathroom vanities. The typical cost of granite is around $50 to $100 per square foot. Most clients would choose this stone to achieve a dramatic and timeless aura in their remodeling.

It has impervious strength against scratch and dents which means you will have lesser problems with cleaning. In terms of aesthetics, you will fall in love with its various flecks and veinings of colors.

Granite is naturally porous so you need to have annual sealing maintenance to seal its pores and enhance its anti-stain and anti-microbial features. Moreover, it increases the resale value of your home by 90% to 100% of its overall cost.

Further, white granite countertops are good when you want a vibrant and spacious feel.

2. Quartz Bathroom Countertops

This is the greatest rival of granite in the remodeling industry. In terms of aesthetics, this man-made stone has more design options compared to natural stones. For increasing home value, quartz vanity tops add around 90% to 100% of its value.

Quartz stones are more durable compared to granite because of its composition. It is made of 95 percent crushed quartz and other minerals, while 5 percent polymer resin cement-based binders. The resins seal off the pores contributing to its great anti-stain function.

In terms of aesthetics, you would usually find a finer and smoother veining and color patterns for quartz bathroom vanities with tops. When used for smaller surface areas, quartz’s seams are more noticeable compared to granite.

Meanwhile, if you want your narrow bathroom space to look larger, we recommend you to use quartz white bathroom countertops. Likewise, it adds more brightness and a modern feel.

3. Marble Bathroom Countertops

Your best bathroom vanities can be made from marble slabs. It is a metamorphic stone with bolder veinings compared to granite and quartz. The usual cost of marble custom bathroom countertops is between $100 to $200 per square foot.

The bolder veinings and consistent color of marble slabs contribute to its elegance and timeless beauty. Likewise, when used for smaller surface areas, the seams are unnoticeable, unlike quartz.

Despite its elegant beauty, marble vanity tops are prone to etching and dents because it is innately soft. You also need to wipe off spills easily because it has low stain resistance. To enhance its anti-stain and antibacterial properties, you need to perform annual sealing for marble bathroom countertops.

In contrast, if you still want to enjoy the beauty of marble with lower cleaning and maintenance requirements, we recommend you to have cultured marble countertops. It has greater strength compared to natural marble with comparable beauty.

Similar to the first two stones, marble can increase the overall value of your home by around 90% to 100% of its entire cost.

4. Soapstone Bathroom Countertops

If you want an affordable natural stone for your best bathroom vanities, you can consider soapstone. This natural stone is innately non-porous and heat resistant, which makes it great for custom bathroom countertops.

In term of aesthetics, soapstone has a natural milky appearance which develops a natural patina over time. Its veining patterns are finer compared to marble. To get that classic natural patina appearance, you need to do weekly oiling with its surface.

Typically, soapstone costs around $70 to $100 per square foot. This is a good alternative for granite and marble.

5. Solid Surface Bathroom Countertops

This man-made stone is produced from the mixture of quartz, acrylic polymer resins, and other crushed minerals. Similar to quartz, it comes in a variety of colors and designs which can be customized to fit your layout.

They have great resistance against dents and scratches comparable to granite and quartz. It requires low cleaning and maintenance, so hassle-free to have in your custom bathroom countertops.

The typical cost of a solid surface is between $40 to $100 per linear foot. Like other materials, it also increases the overall home value. Further, the best brands of this synthetic stone include Formica, Corian, and Gibraltar.

6. Porcelain Bathroom Countertops

Porcelain is a popular material in different areas in Europe and is catching up in the United States. It serves as an affordable alternative for granite, quartz, marble, and butcher block vanity tops.

Porcelain is highly resistant to heat and scratches, which serves as an excellent feature for bathroom countertops. Likewise, it provides parallel warm ambiance with wooden bathroom countertops.

The two main setbacks of porcelain include fragile tiles and grout lines. We recommend that you hire a professional installer when using tiles. To minimize color fading on the grout lines, you need to perform annual sealing with your porcelain vanity tops.

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