What Kitchen Countertop Color Should You Choose

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There are hundreds of materials and variations for the best kitchen countertops. However, instead of focusing on the material, let us focus on the countertop color which brings out your desired ambiance and mood.

To help you out in choosing the appropriate color of your modern kitchen countertops, here are some tips you can follow.

Complementary Colors of Cabinetry and Kitchen Countertops

The color of your kitchen cabinetry oftentimes influence the matching color of your most durable kitchen countertops. Below are some examples of complementary color combinations.

For kitchen cabinets made from cherry or mahogany have red color tones. If you have this color tone, the complementary color of your kitchen countertop include blue, gray, green, and sage.

For kitchen cabinets made from oak wood, you can install a sage kitchen countertop made from ceramics or granite. Meanwhile, an orange tone of kitchen cabinets match up with a bluish gray countertop.

To achieve a natural earthy warm, you can choose to have adjacent colors in the color wheel. This means, one color goes for the kitchen cabinets while the adjacent color for your countertops.

Different Colors of Modern Kitchen Countertops

Each color has its respective mood and atmosphere which greatly affects your kitchen remodeling. Here are some of the best color options for the most durable kitchen countertops.

1. White with Fine Veinings

The stark white beauty of marble countertops is still truly admired by many people. However, for something different, white background with a grainy or fine veining provides a stunning appearance for modern kitchens.

Quartz or granite countertops have white or beige colors that can suitably match for this color tone. This neutral tone is an important variable of achieving a contemporary ambiance for your kitchen remodeling.

For smaller kitchen space, a white kitchen countertop will create an illusion of a larger space. Moreover, it exhibits cleanliness and airy feeling in the room. Further, this color tone truly complements wooden and brass accents.

2. Stark White Beauty

Stark white beauty of kitchen countertops is one the best choice when you want to achieve a modern and minimalist atmosphere. It greatly fits wooden grainy cabinetry and chrome-plated horizontal surfaces.

Moreover, for a narrow kitchen space, a stark white color cuts that cave-like feeling from bolder accents. When you have this light color tone, it creates an airy and spotless clean atmosphere in your kitchen.

3. Rustic Wood Tone

Installing a wooden kitchen countertop is great because it creates a homey and warm atmosphere in your modern kitchen. This is a smart choice for achieving a transitional kitchen theme.

Getting a wooden island countertop is a great choice when paired with stone countertops on the sides adjacent to the kitchen wall. It exhibits a warm and rustic focal point in your modern oasis.

4. Neutral Gray Tone

This color tone is very friendly and versatile with other accents and fancy color. It provides a balance between stark white and dark tone while lifting the aesthetics of your countertop.

If you choose to have different vibrant colors for your kitchen cabinetry, a gray kitchen countertop can blend well with ease. Likewise, it can complement any chrome-plated finish in your kitchen area.

5. Rich Black Tone

Installing black kitchen countertops can work well with dark or colorful kitchen cabinetry. It can become an excellent focal point in your kitchen when everything else has a light color hue.

Getting a black theme in your kitchen remodeling is trending theme today, at par with white or light-toned kitchens. Meanwhile, if you have a mirror or backsplash with smoked patterns, a black kitchen countertop can totally lift its aesthetics.

Further, for a minimalist approach, you can always choose to have a black and white tone for your kitchen remodeling. It promotes both the contemporary and traditional atmosphere.

6. Countertops with Bold veinings

You choose kitchen countertops with bolder veinings when you want to have a dramatic atmosphere in your large kitchen space. This allows your best kitchen countertops to be the center of attraction.

The spontaneous flow of these veinings are truly mesmerizing and greatly contrasts with your dark-toned kitchen cabinetry. When used for smaller surface areas, the seams will be invisible as it is visually hidden with its dramatic patterns.


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