Which granite looks like marble?

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Marble inspires that “must have it” admiration. In homes, it provides a timeless surface with natural veining that, quite simply, is breathtaking. It is unambiguously luxurious.

Which granite looks like marble?

For some, marble may result in heartbreak or distress. The material can be more fragile than other options and more susceptible to staining. Maintenance of marble is a labor of love, usurping some of that sense of elegance that won our hearts in the first place.

For households whose lifestyles have a higher risk for stains to their countertops (or for whom maintenance could sap away the joy of a marble counter), we have wonderful news. Of our 250 color patterns of granite countertops, many of them beautifully imitate marble.

Granite that looks like marble

Elevate your kitchen and bathroom spaces with the marble look you’ve dreamed about. You deserve to get that return on enjoyment with the durable luxury that marble-looking granite can offer, with the same exquisite veining and lustrous white look you love.

The trick is to look for the components in your favorite marble. Do you want the background color crisp or bold? And what kinds of movement in the veining? Our marble collection has such rich variety that looking for a sturdier granite countertop can fit your “likes” and lifestyle.

We’re here to provide the best insights and client experience. Follow along as we highlight some of the most luxurious marble-like granite countertops of our collection:

  • Aura Ice Dunes

    This white granite has a soft gray tone with lightly-speckled veining that stretches luxuriously across any room. You’ll see your space acquire that “touch” of elegance you’ve been
    dreaming of

Granite that looks like marble

  • River Blue

    River Blue granite has deeper tones with unique color variations around the veining. Its surface, while available in our multiple finish options for granite, imitates the textured variations of marble that enhances its timeless beauty.Granite that looks like marble
  • New River White

    This lighter granite lets loose a beautiful and wild veining pattern that imitates marble brilliantly. Watch this counter surface lighten and lengthen any room with its catching patterns and detail.Granite that looks like marble
  • Cafe Latte

    African Rainbow offers marblesque unique and organic patterns. Many finishes allow it to mold to fit different styles.

Granite that looks like marble

Which marble-looking granite is right for you?

The luxury and unique look of natural stone is an enviable thing, and if you’ve gotten as far as reading this article then you already know what you want. You long for the elegance that marble offers, but maybe can’t manage the maintenance, or are concerned about the strength. Or, perhaps you admire granite for its durability and versatility, and see now how you can satisfy it all with a marble-looking granite countertop.

Countertops offer an enormous and beautiful selection of materials that speak to your lifestyle—and that’s the key. Your lifestyle is reflected each day by everything from the tidiness of your medicine closet to the condition of your kitchen counter.

Elevate your space. You deserve that emotional return on the sense of luxury you’ve coveted for your home. And you already know what you want, so now you just have to discover how to get there. Contact us today to request a quote.

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