Why Consider Quartz Countertops?

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Do you want a stark white beauty without the worries of being fragile? Engineered quartz stone is the best choice for this purpose. This manmade stone has greatly competed with popular natural stones like granite and marble.

If you are considering quartz natural stones for your kitchen and bathroom countertops, check out the reasons why it is worth your investment.

1 Impeccable Strength

All types of quartz countertops are made from 90% to 95% crushed quartz natural stones and 10% to 5% cement-based resin binders. Its composition is the main contributor for its astonishing hardness. It can resist scratch, dents, and cuts with ease.

However, one setback about chips and cuts of quartz countertops, seams will be visible after the repair. Consequently, you need to take care of your countertop no matter how durable it is.

2 Wide Variations of Colors and Designs

Engineered quartz stone is available in various colors and patterns in our warehouse. We can even mimic the beauty of natural stone countertops to suit the design of your kitchen and bathroom. Then again, the popular choice is white and black quartz countertops.

White Quartz Countertops

To achieve a modern look, you need to choose neutral or light color tones for your cabinetry and countertops. For this purpose, a beige or stark white quartz countertop is your best choice.

The area of your kitchen and bathroom does not dictate the beauty of your remodeling. However, if you have a small kitchen or bathroom space, choosing white quartz countertops is an excellent choice because it makes your room appear wider.

Likewise, there will be less installation of modern lightings when you choose light hue countertops and cabinetry, because the surface readily increases brightness. White countertops also boost the airy ambiance in your room.

Further, you can add wooden fixtures and furniture to bring natural warmth in your cool modern ambiance.

Black Quartz Countertops

Meanwhile, if you are tired of seeing white themes for modern remodeling, going with black is a great alternative. When you install black quartz countertops, you will feel a mystical depth and dramatic theme.

This color also best complements metallic surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom space. You can also go for a two-color tone for your remodeling, that is, black quartz countertops and light-colored cabinetry.

Likewise, black can smoothly blend with the rustic color of wooden furniture and accessories in the area. For your countertop, you can choose to have a plain black color or ones with gray or white veining. Either way, it can do well with a farmhouse kitchen theme.

3 Easy Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

Cleaning your kitchen and bathroom countertops would be the last thing in your mind. Nevertheless, to preserve the timeless beauty of your engineered quartz stone, you need to perform proper cleaning and maintenance.

Compared to marble, quartz natural stones are very easy to clean. You just have to use a neutral pH dish soap solution. In wiping those stains and debris, use a soft microfiber to avoid scratches despite the hardness of quartz.

Because of the resin polymers of quartz, it has great resistance against stains. Unlike granite, quartz countertops do not require annual sealing maintenance. Overall, this makes your top quartz countertops an excellent choice for your remodeling project.

4 Boosts Resale Value of Home

The high-end beauty, durability, anti-stain properties, and low cleaning requirements of quartz greatly increases the value of your residence. Not only that, you enjoy better functionality with this durable manmade stone countertop.

Approximately, quartz countertops add around 100% of its cost to the value of your house. For those planning on selling their home in the next two to five years, installing high-end quartz countertop is a smart choice.


You can never go wrong from choosing any types of quartz countertops as long as it matches your remodeling theme. If you need any assistance for your countertop fabrication and installation, do not hesitate to contact us Precision Stone Designs.

We have a complete team of technicians, fabricators, designers, and installers that will help you achieve your dream kitchen and bathroom. Our years of experience and modern equipment helped us to be at the top.

For free quotes and consultation, give us a call or check us on Pinterest.

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