Bathroom remodeling is a tiring but rewarding endeavor for most homeowners and remodelers. Choosing the best-made bathroom vanities can totally spruce up your bathroom space. There are tons of options out there but here are the latest trends for bathroom countertops.

Granite Bathroom Countertops

Granite is a known material when it comes to countertops. Choosing this material for your custom bathroom countertop is an excellent choice. You will be mesmerized by its natural veining patterns with specks of different colors.

Its impervious strength contributes a great deal as a suitable candidate for your best bathroom vanities with tops. For smaller bathrooms, you can have white bathroom countertops to have a larger visual impression.

Quartz Bathroom Countertops

Quartz engineered stones are one of the best rivals of granite natural stone. It is mostly made from 90% to 93% crushed quartz and 10% to 7% polymer resin binders. The mixed resin binders contribute to the excellent anti-stain and anti-bacterial properties of quartz bathroom countertops.

In terms of design, engineered stone countertops have a finer veining pattern and higher color consistency. Nevertheless, with the latest technology, stone fabricators have made ways for quartz to mimic the beauty of natural stones.

White bathroom countertops made from quartz is a trending material for the modern bathroom remodeling. It strikes great elegance and purity that is essential for an oasis-like atmosphere.

Marble Bathroom Countertops

Despite its fragile nature, marble natural stone has competitively maintained its spot as one of sought after material for custom bathroom countertops. It can be stained and scratched because of its natural softness and a porous surface. However, with proper sealing maintenance and care, you will greatly enjoy the lucrative beauty of marble stone.

Compared to engineered stones, marble vanity tops have bolder veinings with higher color consistency. The innate glossy appearance of marble highly contributes to its stunning and timeless looks. It also develops a natural patina over time which is great for a classic look.

Concrete Bathroom Countertops

You can never undermine the industrial function of concrete in creating your most versatile bathroom vanities with tops. It can be readily molded into different shapes suitable for your bathroom layout.

In terms of durability, concrete can sufficiently resist heat, dents, and scratch. With proper sealing, concrete can have the best anti-stain and antimicrobial properties as well. Likewise, you can readily paint your concrete custom bathroom countertops with light and vibrant colors to exhibit an airy ambiance in your bathroom.

Solid Surface Bathroom Countertops

These types are made from pulverized natural minerals and acrylic resins. They provide a middle option between the affordable laminate countertops and expensive stone countertops. It mimics the beauty of natural stone without the fragile nature.

The consistency of its color and patterns is similar to quartz engineered stone which best fits for a contemporary theme.

Soapstone Bathroom Countertops

Soapstone countertops are best known for its creamy white hue which gives natural warmth on your space. It does not have great hardness like granite but it is highly non-porous and has great tolerance against heat.

Over time, soapstone bathroom countertops develop a rich dark patina with constant oiling of its surfaces. This trait lets you achieve a natural and classic look in your bathroom space.

Neutral Colors

White or Beige Bathroom Vanity Tops

This is a trending color for custom bathroom countertops because of its versatility and how it adds vibrancy in the space. Likewise, these neutral colors allow your bathroom to look bigger and wider. You will use fewer lightings because these neutral colors add brightness in the area.

Bathroom Vanity Tops with Open Bottoms

This style is more suitable for narrow-spaced bathrooms. The open bottoms of your bathroom vanity with tops promote more storage space and airy ambiance inside. Likewise, you can place your extra linens and bathroom towels in these open bottom areas.

Floating Vanity Counters

Floating vanity tops are a trending style among hotels and households because it provides more floor space and a visual impression of a wider room. Likewise, the height of your floating counter can be readily adjusted according to your layout.

Overall, this style is very modern and allows more storage space underneath the counter. You can place a storage basket underneath for your tissue papers and towels.

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