It is a constant challenge among homeowners to choose between style and function when it comes to decorating their kitchen and countertops. Consequently, as we interviewed our clients and got the side of our professional designers, functionality still wins.

Nevertheless, this does not mean you are going to compromise the style and aesthetics of your kitchen countertops. Even if you have a small kitchen space, our creative insights in this article will surely spruce up the style and glamour of your countertop.

How Does Modern Kitchens Appear

You have unlimited options of kitchen accessories to install into your kitchen countertop and space. When it comes to modern kitchen themes, there are a distinct features you can observe, which include:

These characteristics can be your guide for styling your kitchen countertops, but you are never limited from this. 

Modern Kitchen Accessories and Styles for Kitchen Countertops

1. Head-turner Single Statement Accessory

You can always opt for a white sleek kitchen theme by installing honed or polished quartz or marble kitchen countertops. To create a streamlined appeal, you can pair that with white chairs or bar stools on your peninsula or kitchen countertop.

Flat white kitchen cabinetry would also create a good wrap and spontaneous eye transition from your countertop.  For your stunning single statement accessory, you can place a contrasting color small sculpture or figurine at the center of your kitchen countertop.

For example, placing a black sculpture in your white quartz or marble kitchen countertop will surely pop out due to its excellent contrast.

2. Stacks of Books

If you are a wide reader and you have tons of cookbooks in your mini library, then you can make use of them as a functional accessory of your sleek modern kitchen countertop. The different colors of your books’ cover provides a colorful splurge in your stark white quartz or granite countertops.

Just make sure to arrange your books in descending or ascending size or heights to create a synchronized appeal. Likewise, it exhibits a splurge of colors in your cool and pale quartz or granite kitchen countertops.

3. Add Emotion with a Canvas

White and other pale hues of stone countertops add a cool curb appeal in your kitchen remodeling. If it lacks depth and dramatic feel, then placing a canvas with various deep colors on the edge of your countertop is an excellent accessory.

4. Compact and Stylish Kitchen Appliances

Most homeowners would dream of having a huge kitchen space, but that entails larger cost for maintenance and remodeling. In reality, we need to make most of our skimpy kitchen space to make it look fancy and functional.

Consequently, making an upgrade with your kitchen appliances can be done, and you need to choose compact and stylish models. The stainless steel finish of these kitchen appliances increases the functionality and modern appeal in your petite kitchen area.

5. Fancy Coffee Corner

What complements well with your breakfast corner? Right, that is your coffee corner station. There is increased functionality and aesthetics when you have a small corner where you can solely prepare your favorite coffee.

Likewise, placing mugs of assorted colors on your coffee station strikes balance with the dark hue of your coffee machine and white stone countertop.

6. Adorable Canisters

If you do not have an elegant figurine or sculpture to place on your kitchen countertop, better buy beautifully-designed canisters where you will place your staples inside. Make sure to choose a color and design that match up with your kitchen countertop and backsplash.

Some canisters are made from aluminum, stainless steel, wood, plastic, and clear glass. Any of these choices can be a good accessory on top of your stone countertop.

7. Ornamental Plants or Flowers

Get a quick turn around your newly renovated kitchen, what have you noticed? Right, everything there is totally modern and made from synthetic materials. A simple way to induce earthly design in your kitchen remodeling are wooden accents and a lively flower or ornamental plant.

Injecting some green thumb into your kitchen countertop puts more life and natural glow in your kitchen space. Even though you will have to replace it when it wilts, still it spruces up your modern kitchen.

8. Hand and Dish soaps in Nice Bottle Dispenser

We are done placing flowers or plants in your kitchen countertop, now let us think of what to place in your sink counter. A smart and simple idea is placing your hand and dish soaps inside bottle dispensers with intricate designs and colors.

This useful accessory on your sink adds a splurge of vibrancy in your polished white sink countertop. Likewise, you wouldn’t have to several bucks to spruce up this area in your kitchen.

9. Healthy Accents – Bowl of Fruits

You can have stark white quartz kitchen countertop and complement that with a marble backsplash with blue or gray evenings. However, this combination might still feel pale. What if you’ll place a basket of fruits on your kitchen countertop? Will it look great?

Having some yellow or red fruits on your glass bowl can add more color and life to your marble backsplash and white quartz countertops. It provides excellent contrast which lifts the elegance of your quartz countertop.

 10. Wooden Boards

A while ago, we mentioned that you have three options for adding Earthly accents in your contemporary kitchen countertop – flowers, green plants, or wooden accents. If you don’t like the hassle of replacing your flowers or plants every week, then try using your wooden cutting boards as an accent in your backsplash and countertop.

The rustic brown and wood grain of your cutting board promotes a nostalgic and Earthly appeal against your cool modern kitchen countertop and backsplash. Likewise, this pairs well with your wooden salt and pepper shakers.

11. Family Framed Photos

Your kitchen is considered the new center of every home today. In line, you can use the framed photos of your family as an accessory in your island countertop. It pairs well when you place it beside your green plants, flowers, or fruits. Collectively, these accessories exude a homey appeal in your kitchen.

12. Spruce up with Patterned Backsplash

Oftentimes, your backsplash must be contrasting with the hue and design of your kitchen countertop. Typically, we advise our clients to choose tiles with geometric patterns for their backsplash. This increases the contemporary theme in your kitchen.

Moreover, patterned backsplashes naturally add warmth and depth in your cooking and washing area.

13. Open Shelving for Better Aesthetic Elevation

You can literally elevate the pristine looks of your stone kitchen countertops by placing elegant kitchen accessories and kitchenwares on your open shelving. There is a smooth eye transition and appreciation from your audience when he stares from your countertop and up towards your open shelving.

14. Choose Functional Kitchen Wares as Accessories

Aside from upgrading your faucets and kitchen fixtures, your brass or copper finish kitchen wares can spruce up the warmth and nostalgic appeal in your kitchen. It provides similar attention with wooden cutting boards leaned towards your backsplash.

15. Hanging Pendant Lights

Your island can look more stylish and modern when you install fancy pendant lights on top. Lights coming from it reflects on the polished surface of your quartz, marble or granite countertops. Overall, you get a vibrant and pristine look in your kitchen countertop.

16. Wooden or Stainless Steel Tray

How will you inject order when you place your elegant canisters, wooden cutting boards, green plants, salt and pepper shakers on top of your kitchen countertop? The best advice we give to our clients is to have a wooden or steel tray to contain all this stuff.

This tray serves like a canvass where all elements and colors of a painting are contained inside to create a holistic and cohesive appeal. This is smart for it prevents clutter in your island countertop.

17. Knife Set

Placing a knife set beside your wooden cutting board provides both functionality and aesthetics. The stainless steel surface of the knife and the wooden tones of the cutting board is a perfect match in your kitchen countertop. Good balance between warmth and coolness of modern kitchen.

18. Antique or Rustic Chairs and Kitchen Furnitures

Aside from the center sculpture you placed on your modern stone kitchen countertop, you can add better contrast by having wooden or rustic chairs and furniture in your kitchen. The sleek, cool, and modern looks of your countertops, cabinetry, and backsplash can be leveled out with these wooden upholstery.

Who wouldn’t turn an eye if you have dark-brown hardwood as your chairs and small coffee tables in your kitchen? Wood is a timeless accessory or element for most kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Wrap Up

Those are just of the unique ideas from our team of professional designers and stone experts so you can spruce up the appeal of your kitchen countertop without spending so much. If you have further questions, feel free to email or call us anytime.

We provide premier class of stone countertops in the industry. Our years of experience and continued learning served as well in becoming one of the leading fabricators and installer of stone countertops.

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