Perhaps, you are still looking for an ideal material for your kitchen countertops and you are thinking about soapstone as one of your choices. Truth to be told, soapstone is an excellent candidate you can consider as a reliable material for your high-traffic kitchen.

Your affordable soapstone countertops are considered a good alternative for the grand granite stone. You get almost the same timeless classic appeal with soapstone due to its rich dark patina which naturally grows through time with proper care and maintenance.

If you need a professional for fabricating and installing soapstone countertops, you can lean on us at any moment. Nonetheless, here are some important things you must know about soapstone and why it is a great choice for your kitchen countertops.

Highly Versatile Appeal and Aesthetics

The innate soft and creamy texture of soapstone can pair up virtually with all hues and material for your kitchen and bathroom renovation. The typical color range of soapstone is light green and beige. With consistent oiling in its surface, you are able to develop a rich dark patina that exudes great elegance through time.

The flexibility of soapstone can automatically fit for traditional to contemporary remodeling themes in your kitchen. A farmhouse style kitchen using dark green soapstone countertops looks awesome with white shaker style cabinetry with bronze or copper hardware.

White Marble Paired with Soapstone

If you are confused between marble and soapstone, then we suggest you can have both. Your white marble provides the modern and brilliant flair in your kitchen while your darker tone soapstone provides an exquisite contrast.

Soapstone has a natural resistance against high temperature, so you can have it for your hot kitchen, while marble countertop for your cold kitchen area. You can also place white backsplash on your soapstone kitchen countertop to better emphasize its rich patina appeal. 

Tan Brown Oak Kitchen Cabinets and Soapstone

Meanwhile, if you are a lover of traditional and classic-style kitchens, then pairing your soapstone kitchen countertops with tan brown kitchen cabinetry is a show-stopper. Both materials present an Earthly and nostalgic appeal without being boring.

You can add a touch of modernity in your kitchen by installing pendant lights and recessed stainless steel finish kitchen appliances. For your cabinet hardware, you can go for the nickel or brass alloy material.

Impressive Resistance for High Temperature

You would be surprised to know that soapstone has parallel heat resistance with your expensive  granite countertops. This is the main point why it is often used in the fireplace and for the hot area in your kitchen. With that, you will have no problem placing hot items on top of your soapstone counter.

Stains! No Worries with Soapstone

Despite being soft, soapstone is a dense material so there is no need for sealing maintenance. This natural stone has low porosity level, so wine spills and other colored liquids will never be a problem with it.

Forgiving Durability

Aside from being used as countertops and backsplash, soapstone is also used for creating breathtaking sculptures. The soft nature of this mineral enables it to be carved into beautiful art pieces.

How is this beneficial as a material for your kitchen countertop? Well, because of its soft nature, light scratch and dents can be easily resolved by sanding and buffing. Then a little re-oiling to make the surface shiny and bright again. No seams nor scratches visible to the eye.

Appraisal of Economic Value

Aside from its glamorous appeal, installing soapstone countertops increases the economic value of your home. Around 50% to 80% of the overall soapstone countertop cost is added to the resale value of your property.

This is the main point why most homeowners who are planning to sell their residence make an update with their kitchen, and installing the best soapstone countertop is a strategic option.

Achieve that Rich Patina Through Oiling Maintenance

Soapstone is not that much demanding compared to your expensive marble countertops. The only maintenance you will have with your affordable soapstone countertops is applying oil on its surface. This is required so you can achieve that rich and even dark patina over your soapstone counter.

As your soapstone darkens through time, it exudes better contrast with your white or pale-toned kitchen cabinetry. The darker appearance of this stone exudes a dramatic and cozy appeal in your kitchen. 

Meanwhile, if you like to skip the oiling maintenance, you can simply install a black soapstone countertop for your kitchen and bath. By that, there will be less oiling requirement on its surface and you just have to pair that with light-colored cabinetry and shiny metallic fixtures and accents.

Final Words

If you are looking for an affordable soapstone countertop that fits your traditional or urban-style kitchen, you can call us anytime. We got plenty of collections for your charming and glamorous soapstone slabs that won’t hurt your pocket.

You can choose a variety of designs starting from subtle veining patterns to more intricate and daring ones in our showroom. Leaning to a professional is a good choice to ensure your investment for renovating your kitchen and bathroom would be astonishing.

Contact us today to know more of our products and services. Feel free to check us on Instagram always!

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