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Can You Remodel Your Kitchen During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

You might be nervous about having a company in your home during these crazy times. But innovative remodelers like us are using technology to help remove risks.

If you’ve been thinking about remodeling your home, Coronavirus (COVID-19) just devastated your plans.

Or did it?

We completely get it: You’re probably feeling apprehensive about letting ANYONE in your home, let alone a contractor just to provide you with an estimate. That’s understandable. And it’s the smart approach to things.

But… what if a contractor didn’t need to step inside your home to give you an estimate? Recently, you’ve had to make some serious changes to your lifestyle… and we’ve had to make some serious changes to how we interact with homeowners. That’s why we’ve developed ‘Virtual Consultations’ to provide you with an estimate.

Here's how it works...

Contact us like normal – we’ll work with you to schedule a convenient time for a free ‘Virtual Consultation’ with a designer and email you a link to an online meeting.

Join the meeting using your phone or laptop, we’ll be able to see each other and you can show us around your project.

Discuss all your wants and needs during your 40 minute consultation and we can help guide you with expert advice and suitable budgets.

You’re stuck in the house… so this is a perfect use of your time!

Next, get a virtual remodeling presentation & estimate

We bring the in-home presentation to you… virtually.

We’ll use screen-share technology to show you products, design options, prices and more.

If you choose to move forward, we can email you a digital contract. All you have to do is sign it and send it back. It’s that easy!

Bottom line: We can provide you with our typical in-home consultation experience right over the phone and internet.

Now relax, breathe, and enjoy the design phase!

Our clients normally take one to three months on average with the design phase, and we’ll use screen-share technology to complete this stage with you.

It’s the perfect activity for your shelter-in-place days.

Also, the great thing is that our digital contract will lock in your price. This means if you want to wait a little while to move forward, you can.

And when you do move forward, you’ll already have your products picked out, your design fully complete, and your price locked in. That will put you way ahead of the game when things settle down and everyone is in a rush to remodel (you know it’ll happen!).

What about the actual installation?

Unfortunately, we haven’t yet found a way to virtually install the products in your home. But we have implemented special protocols to keep both you and our crew safe during installation, (even after your shelter-in-place order has been lifted), so your safety is guaranteed when you are ready for installation.

Coronavirus has caused countless delays and disruptions to everyday life… but it can’t stop you from getting a remodeling quote. We’ve made sure of that with our ‘Virtual Consultations’.

Contact us today to schedule your virtual remodeling estimate.

Honestly, it’s a great time to get one. Contractors eager to get back to work are offering great prices and you’re cooped up inside all day, bored out of your mind. No better moment to get the ball rolling on your remodel!

Even if you prefer to hold off on the installation until things settle down, you’ll at least have your products, price and plans squared away. You’ll be way ahead of everyone else when “normal” life resumes and the inevitable remodeling rush occurs.


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