Carpentersville Granite And Quartz Countertops


The village of Carpentersville is just 40 miles from Chicago, but access to a good Granite and Quartz Company is not easy. In case of a kitchen or bathroom remodel, most owners have to make do with local contractors that might not be experts in stone countertops. Fortunately, you can contact Precision Stone Design to handle this for you, just like the client in this case study did.

Kitchen Countertops Carpentersville

Homeowners benefit greatly from high quality kitchen countertops Carpentersville. When the remodeling budget is tight, the best way to spend it is on granite or quartz countertops. This is particularly true for large households or homes with young people, as kitchen countertops have to stand up to heavy use.

Bathroom Vanity Tops Carpentersville

While bathroom vanity tops in Carpentersville are not always a priority, it pays to give it some importance. They can greatly enhance the appeal and functionality of any bathroom, which makes it a great asset if the property is for sale. Even if it is not, they make life so much easier for people who live there. Granite and quartz are good choices, but marble is particularly attractive.

Granite Countertops Carpentersville

Granite countertops Carpentersville is a popular for kitchens. It is tough enough to stand up to the demands of careless teenagers and busy homeowners. Additionally, an attractive natural stone greatly enhances the value of the home by its mere presence.

Marble Countertops Carpentersville

As mentioned earlier, marble countertops in the bathroom is a particularly smart decision. Only the rich and privileged had marble in their homes because it is so expensive. While that is no longer the case, people still associate it with elegant and refined living.   

Quartz Countertops Carpentersville

Quartz countertops Carpentersville are a good choice if convenience is your top priority. They are non-porous, scratch resistant, and stain proof, so maintenance is not a problem. All models are also available on demand from the updated catalogues of top brands we carry at Precision Stone Design.

About Carpentersville

The location of Carpentersville is in Kane County in the state of Illinois. The village founder and first citizen was Massachusetts native Julius Angelo Carpenter who settled in the area. Prior to the 1950s, Carpentersville was literally a one-street community. Today, the village boasts commercial establishments, particularly the Meadowdale Shopping Center.

Carpentersville residents tend to be young and middle-class of mixed race.  The village motto is “Building a better tomorrow today.”

What we did in Carpentersville

Many of the homes in Carpentersville are relatively new, but many of the kitchen countertops are of non-durable materials such as laminate. We are proud to have been instrumental in increasing the value of these homes by installing quartz and granite countertops. One of these is an acquired property for flipping. We came in to replace the laminate countertops with granite, and that improved the kitchen considerably.  The client attributed the quick sale of the home to the countertops.

“It has been my experience that good quality kitchen countertops are smart investments in flipping properties. That is why I always go to Precision Stone Design for my Illinois flips.”

Need a Quartz and Granite Countertops Company in Carpentersville

If you need high quality and innovative countertops in Carpentersville, you want to get in touch with Precision Stone Design. We serve Carpentersville and other areas in Illinois, and we are only a click away. Visit our website for more information.


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