Integrated Sinks – To give a space a custom look, clients usually order integrated sinks . These sinks are made of the same material as the stone countertops. These are made to order and one of a kind.

 Drain Board – An integrated drainboard can be created for that unique look. Keeps the counters clean and spotless.

 Finish – For your Island or special vanity top, PSD can alter the finish of your stone from Polish to Honed or Leathered. As this is usually done manually in our shop by our skilled craftsmen, there is an extra charge dependent on the type of finish required and size of the project. This service works when the special finish is required on a smaller area such as an Island and the customer does not have to buy a separate slab just for that.

 Edges – Custom Edges can be created for that custom and upgraded look. Edges such as Waterfall, Laminated, Miter edges can be created on our State of Art CNC machines for the perfect finish.

Our state-of-the-art Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Fabrication production process is second to none. We are especially proud that these proudly-American-made fabrication machines are our partners in the production of high-quality precision countertops.

In using this technology, we are able to provide our surfaces with minimal seams, create perfect cutouts for sinks, and smooth edges for your countertops. This allows us to craft each surface and countertop that is according to your specifications.

 Our unbeatable combo of taking accurate laser measurements and precise digital layouts of your precision countertops with our exclusive software is what truly sets us apart from our competitors because it allows us to proceed to our fabrication process with ease for the creation of best-fit countertops. Take it from us – it’s our guarantee!


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