Zero Waste Program

About Zero Waste Program

At Precision Stone Design, we’ve adopted the “Zero Waste Approach” to do our bit to be environmentally responsible and minimize pollution. Our manufacturing process eliminates waste at source through product design and we adopt waste reduction strategies through our supply chain.

Sales :

 Inventory on Site – By stocking the top selling 100+ colors on site, our clients only purchase what they need and not by the slabs. We then use the leftover slab for the next project thus minimizing waste while saving our clients money and offering a quick turnaround. Our clients pay only PER/SF cost of material and not by the slab – a win win situation. View Inventory Online

 Remnant Program – Offering FREE Remnant up to 15 sf of Quartz / Granite / Marble with every Kitchen project. Clients choose from our ever-changing 1000+ high-quality stone remnants to find the perfect gem for their project. Not only does choosing a remnant make the project much more cost-effective, but an eco-friendly choice too. View Remnant Online

Manufacturing :

 VeinMatch Software – The VeinMatch digital software allows us to efficiently lay the countertop pieces on the slab while creating the best pattern flow and minimizing waste. In the end we can lay out a countertop with less effort and time while reducing the scrap.
 Waterjet CNC Manufacturing – Our Waterjet cutting technology on Fusion 4045 allows for close nesting of odd shaped countertops, thus eliminating unnecessary waste.
 Hydrosettler Water Filtration System – Our use of “Hydrosettler Water Filtration system” allows us to reuse and recycle the water we use for our machines and collects the stone sludge in a bag. With the use of this system we collect the stone sludge in a bag and we DO NOT send any waste into the village lines.

Join us in our endeavor to promote Zero Waste and help the environment. GET A QUOTE NOW


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