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Saving the Earth with Precision Stone Design's Zero Waste Program

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If you’re familiar with stone cutting and design, you know that a lot of the stone typically goes to waste. When you buy a slab that needs to be an exact size, the excess stone is a cost that both the manufacturer and the customer bear. That’s not even considering the impact of that waste on the environment and our precious resources.

That’s why Precision Stone Design practices the “Zero Waste Approach”. We choose to put our customers and the environment above everything else, from the products we select to the way we process our stone. We do our part to minimize our pollution output, reduce our waste, and bring the dollar savings right to you.

We’ve honed our process to four distinct steps to streamline production. First, we start with a consultation with our customers.

Product Selection

The product selection step includes helping you with your design, choosing the material, and formulating a quote.

We don’t sell by the slab, unlike our competitors. Precision Stone Design sells by the Square Foot instead for all inventoried product. In other words, you only buy what you will use in your project. We accomplish that by stocking over 100 of the best-selling colors at our site. When you buy what you need, we use the leftovers for the next customer.

We use on-site laser measuring, so we know exactly how much material we need. We also examine the layout, sign the contracts, and schedule your installation in 10 days or fewer. Our approach not only results in zero waste, but you are no longer paying for an entire slab that you don’t need, and that saves you money. We estimate that the savings to you can be as much as 20 to 30%.

Water Filtration Process

To avoid sending slurry or sludge back into the village lines for waste, we use Hydrosettler Water Recycling, an environmentally friendly way to reuse and recycle our water. Using the Rapid Settling Water Filtration technology allows us to stop wasting water during production.

It’s Precision Stone Design’s mission to bring you quality products while also taking care of the Earth we share. We’ve streamlined each part of our process to reduce waste while keeping our integrity and quality at the top.

Waste Zero With the Zero Waste Program

We all care about the planet we share, and Precision Stone Design is doing its part to be environmentally friendly. By abiding by our Zero Waste Program, we can bring you quality, save you money, and save the world all at the same time.

Call us today to schedule a consultation and look at our amazing products. You can reach us at 312-741-4278.


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